At We Make Stuff Happen, we stand for responsible consumption and production.Our goal is to offer a sustainable option for all materials by 2025, and we’re committed to Net Zero 2030, with goals for electric vehicles, bike-to-work schemes, greener energy on-site and carbon-offsetting.We’ve allocated budget for 2023 to work on awareness and environmental change campaigns at reduced rates and pro-bono. We also have a Green Ambassador program to train people in sustainable working,and we engage with a local university to develop sustainable practices and keep abreast of new developments in the field.

Our sustainability policy is all about:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle (sustainable sourcing of materials, closed-loop recycling options, secondhand/salvaged items, local repurposing schemes and donation of leftover materials);
  • Sustainable energy in our workshop, office and onsite;
  • Waste minimization, zero-to-landfill waste handling(since 2016!)and amoebic recovery or energy recovery for un-recyclable waste;
  • Carbon-offsetting (C02 calculations each event spanning from development, production and travel);
  • Resource management (third-party water monitoring services for quality testing on-site, including potability, push-taps to minimise wastage, drainage issues reported to venues and environmental health officers); and
  • Partnerships with organisations, suppliers and sub-contracts with shared sustainability goals